Following the rules below is the responsibility of all members and guests
Most memberships are lost over loaning keys and speeding, pay attention to 
RULES NUMBER 2, 3 and 5!!


It is the responsibility of all members and guests to follow the rules below.
Please exercise common sense and courtesy toward your fellow members.


Effective Jan 2, 2024 )

CAMPERS: Anyone that stays overnight in a recreation vehicle or tent.

MEMBER IN GOOD STANDING: Is a member of more than one year who understands and abides by the Ground Rules, Constitution & By Laws and is current on workday commitments and not on probation or suspension.

HOLIDAYS: New Years, President’s Day, Easter (Friday through Sunday), Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veteran’s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas.

SPONSOR: Shall be a Member in Good Standing and must be willing to accept responsibility for the Applicant during the application process. The Sponsor shall be responsible for the conduct of the new Member for a probationary period of one year after the Applicant becomes a member..

PICNIC: Means day use only, and may use front island picnic area only.

CAMPSITES: This is an open camping organization with the expectancy that members will exercise courteous behavior towards their fellow members and guests in the spirit of fellowship and work out details to a reasonable agreement.

RESERVED GROUP CAMPING AREA: Any member who wishes to reserve large area for a special event (i.e. family reunion, birthday party, retirement party, anniversary, etc.) are restricted to South-East corner of island, pending board approval.

MEMBER / PERSONAL USE FOR PRIVATE GATHERING: (i.e. boy scouts, girl scouts, school field trips, scholarship programs / clubs, nonprofit organizations, and possibly other groups) need to seek board approval; fee may be waved for non-profit Special groups.

WORKDAY: Shall consist 6 hours of labor on any given day. (The board will consider individual hardships on a case-by-case basis)

1. MISBEHAVIOR: Violence or malicious behavior or intentional destruction by any member or guest may result in legal action and is subject to the termination of membership and banning from Tracy Wildlife Association.

2. DRESS CODE: Public nudity (male or female) is not permitted and will be grounds for termination of membership.

3. KEYS/CARDS: Only the member and their spouse are entitled to have key/Cards to the island. Keys/Cards are not to be duplicated for children or friends, and cannot be loaned out.

4. WEAPONS: The use or display of any gun (any make or caliber) is not permitted on the island. All bow and arrows and slingshots are prohibited. This includes BB, Pellet, Paintball, and air guns. Any violation of this rule will be considered a serious matter and the member will be requested to appear before the Board of Directors and state why membership should not be withdrawn!

5. SPEED LIMIT: Maximum SPEED LIMIT shall be 5 MPH. At 5 MPH if you are leaving a dust trail, you must go even slower.

6. MEMBERSHIP CARDS: A member shall retain their membership card on their person and display current membership decal on lower right corner of windshield and also display decal on the tongue of a towed vehicle.

7. DAMAGE/THEFT OF PERSONAL PROPERTY: Tracy Wildlife Association shall not be responsible for any damage or theft of personal property occurring on the island. Any member removing Tracy Wildlife Association property without prior approval will be subject to serious penalties, which may include termination of membership and/or legal action.

8. CAMPING: Camping allowed in designated areas only. If in doubt, check with caretaker.

9. RESERVATIONS: No reservations for campsites or tables without prior approval by the Board of Directors. No saving of campsites.

10. GUEST CAMPERS: RV or tents shall pay a camping fee of $10.00 per night. Guest camping fees are to be paid at your earliest convenience. Members are responsible for collection of fees from guests. Collection envelopes will be available with groundskeeper on duty. Receipt shall be displayed on dashboard of guest vehicle.

11. UNATTENDED RV’S: No RV’s or tents will be left unattended overnight. Each RV or tent shall have its owner stay with his or her RV or tent overnight. Children cannot be left alone overnight. In case of emergency, notify caretaker (209-546-1577) and leave message, or contact board member.

12. GUEST AND MINORS: Members are responsible for their guest and minor’s actions, and the guest shall leave the island when the member leaves. Member’s children shall not be left on island unattended. If guest’s children living at home occupy tent, there is no extra charge

13. LIMIT OF STAY: Members will limit their stay on the island to fourteen (14) days within any thirty (30) day period. Longer periods of stay require prior Board approval. If extended stay is granted member shall move to another campsite after 14 days.

14. NUMBER OF GUESTS ALLOWED PER MEMBER: Member’s RV plus 3 guests with RV’s and/or tents not to exceed 20 persons total.

15. NOISE: There shall be no noise of any kind that may disturb your neighbor after 11PM or before 7 AM. This includes UNUSUALLY LOUD TALKING (CLUB SANCTIONED ACTIVITIES NOT INCLUDED).

16. CAMPFIRES: No open fires are allowed. Use fire containers only. Do not put cans bottles, empty propane containers, or any trash in fire pit. Contact groundskeeper to empty fire pits.

17. FIRE WOOD: Firewood may be available. Check with Groundskeeper on duty.

18. PETS: Pets must be kept on a tethered leash at all times. Leash length cannot be longer than 10 feet in camp, and 6 feet when walking your pet. Pets should not be tied off on roadside or campsites, where they will be able to reach the road. Owners must clean up after them. Pets are not allowed in picnic area. Pets cannot be unattended overnight.

19. WATERCRAFT/UTILITY TRAILERS: Shall be parked in designated areas only. If those areas are filled, check with groundkeeper for additional parking. These types of trailers not allowed to be parked in campsites.

20. WATER: No misuse of water will be allowed. Turning water on or off, or relocating any part of the irrigation system is not permitted. When in doubt, contact the on-duty Grounds Keeper. Grounds Keeper: 209-601-0059 / Asst. Grounds Keeper: 209-679-0546.

21.DISHWASHING: DO NOT wash dishes in the restrooms.

22. LITTERING: There shall be no littering on the island. Littering includes, but is not limited to: cigarette butts, clamshells, and trash. Every member is responsible for his or her guests. Campsites must be cleaned before leaving.

23. DUMP STATION: Use the dump station for holding tanks and port-a-potties. NEVER DUMP IN TOILETS.



        • Only one boat or two jet skis per member.
        • Riverside of dock shall be used for loading and unloading of watercraft and boats only, and shall not be occupied for more than 30 minutes.
        • Mooring on the shore side or east end is on a first come first serve basis. Watercraft/Boats may use the shore side of dock for overnight mooring while camping only. There are exceptions to this rule during heavy use periods. (Please use common sense and be courteous with fellow members)
        • No swimming or fishing from dock at any time.
        • No climbing or sitting on dock rails at any time.
        • Dock rules apply to boats moored at dock.

25. MOTORCYCLES/OTHER VEHCLES: Electric scooters, Golf Carts, Side by Side and road legal motorcycles may be used on island by members only. Use for necessary transportation only and must stay on existing roads and observe speed limits. (Exceptions) will be allowed for handicap persons. Bicycles may be ridden with caution. NEVER AFTER DARK. Children under 16 must wear helmets.

26. TREES: DO NOT cut trees or shrubs without caretaker’s approval.


28. FACILITY RENTAL FEE STRUCTURE: All facility rentals are subject to rental agreement and the following fees:

  • Clubhouse [Clubhouse & Deck & Slab] ($250.00 per day) REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT OF $500.00.
  • Kitchen & Covered table area ($100.00 per day) REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT OF $250.00.
  • Picnic area (Cabled off area) No Charge; REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT OF $50.00.


  • Any member may cite another member for their or their guest’s violation of ground rules, by-laws or constitution.
  • Citations and grievances shall be submitted in a written form and submitted to an officer of the board and/or caretaker.
  • Forms are available at Tracy Wildlife Association.
  • Citations or grievances shall be submitted to the board of directors who may refer such issues to the rules committee for review and recommendations to the board as to their disposition.

30. WORKDAY FINES / ANNUAL DUES: Members are required to provide a minimum of two workdays annually or pay a fine in lieu of each workday missed.

  • Members & Out of state members under 65: Workday fine is $100.00 each day.
  • Members & Out of state members over 65 with 5 or less years of membership: Workday fine is $100.00.
  • Members & Out of state members over 65 with at least 6 years but less than 20 years of membership: Workday fine is $60.00 each day.
  • Special Guests: No workday requirement or fine / Dues $100.00 / Yr.
  • All Members not having Tracy Wildlife Association retired status or Special Guest Status /Annual Dues $200.00








Discharge of ANYTHING into the river is in violation of local and federal law. This includes gray water. Please help us protect our environment by preventing gray water or anything else going into the river.


Steve Redd 209-445-6599