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Updated February 4th, 2023

Next Board meeting Monday February 6th. 

All Members Welcome at Monthly Board of Directors Meeting

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Help Needed!

Grounds Keeper Rodney Jenkins is asking for looking for people willing to paint buildings, tables etc. Please contact him at 510-676-6229


Year end letter

Greetings to our valued members:

Once again the New Year is upon us. On behalf of your Tracy Wildlife Association Board of Directors

let me extend our sincere wishes to you and yours for a happy and safe holiday season.

Effective January 1, 2023 Lost Gate Keys will be replaced at a cost of $20.00 each. The staff members have a supply on hand to help you get key replacements. Keys that fail to open the gate can still be turned in for a no-cost replacement. All members who currently have their workday requirements temporarily waived due to medical necessity are required to renew those requests. All requests for waivers for the 2022 year must have reached the Secretary by the September 2022 Board meeting. Remember; fines for workdays missed in 2022 will be collected in 2023.

As of January 1, 2023 dues for a new and current members has been increased to $200.00 per year. Dues for members who have attained the status of “Retired” or “Special Guest” will now be at $100.00 per year.

All fees, (dues for 2023 and workday fines for 2022) are due January 1, 2023. Any member not submitting fees by January 31, 2023 will lose their membership.

 The address for sending checks or money orders is P.O. Box 283 Tracy, CA 95378-0283. The Tracy Post Office confirms that First Class mail is taking from 5 to 11 days to reach its delivery address. Payments received by mail with a post mark of 01/31/23 or before are considered on time once the delivery is accomplished to us.

Members can also pay in person with cash, check, or money order on Friday 01/13/23 10 AM to 4 PM, Saturday 01/14/23 10 AM to 4 PM, Friday 01/27/23 10 AM to 4 PM, Saturday 01/28/23 10 AM to 4 PM, and Tuesday 01/31/23 4pm to 7pm, on every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday from Noon to 4:00 PM.

2023 Work weekends will be Saturday April 15 and Sunday April 16; Saturday July 15 and Sunday July 16; Saturday October 14 and Sunday October 15. Work days start at 8AM so please be on time for proper inclusion and credit. Work days may also be arranged with the Groundskeeper for special projects and events.

General Meeting and Elections are scheduled for Saturday March 25, 2023 at 10:00 AM.

Annual Picnic is scheduled for Saturday August 19, 2023.

Comments from the President

First, the Good News. In the face of the “Covid experience” our facilities have remained clean, safe, and beautiful. Thank you to several Members and Board Members for stepping up in the absence of having a groundskeeper from January to May of 2022. Our new Groundskeeper, Rod Jenkins, along with Member Jerry Fegett, has been busy painting, repairing broken pipes, fixing tables and whatever else needs to be done. We are going to add campsites and we are looking into adding a shower to the group camp area. Our weekend camp host Katie Lo is now back with us, fully recovered and rounding out our staff. We are planning more events this coming year along with our Annual Picnic which you will hear about at our general meeting on March 25, 2023. I encourage you all to look at our website to keep informed. (tracywildlife.org)

And now, the not so Good News. Unfortunately, due to inflation, some Island erosion repairs and some legal issues, we now face more expenses which in turn must drive up our costs. Our dues increase is quite minimal when compared to other organizations. Most of these increases are not unlike those experienced by our members in their businesses and homes. Deferred maintenance of our Island and Structures can only be deferred so long. We are open to accepting reservations for all of our facilities without any COVID restrictions. Our dedicated staff have continued to provide excellent service during some incredibly challenging times.

Tracy Wildlife Women’s Auxiliary 2023 Calendar of Events


Renew your Women’s Auxiliary memberships in person between the hours of 10 AM to 4 PM on Sat. Jan.14, 2023 and Sat. Jan 28, 2023. Additionally, you may renew your membership between the hours of 4 PM & 7 PM on Tue. Jan 31, 2023.

General Meeting: Saturday March 25th 7:45 – 9:00 AM Breakfast $5.00 per person (eggs, pancake, sausage, coffee, and juice)




In order to insure our security and prevent unauthorized access we are conducting an audit of existing key cards. Please send your name, member number and the number on your key cards to: Tracy@tracywildlife.org  the numbers will be on the upper or lower edge as shown.

Front gate access cards:
To enter or exit simply hold the cards flat surface in front of the reader, it’s not necessary to sweep the card or even touch the reader. If all is well you will see an amber light, when you flash your card you will get get a red light and a beep from the reader and then the gate will open. Wait until the gate opens fully before proceeding, after you pass through the gate, stop until it closes automatically. DO NOT STOP IN THE PATH OF THE GATES OR TRY TO FOLLOW ANOTHER VEHICLE!!! If you have guests you must use your card to admit each vehicle separately and register them in the guest log near the bulletin board. Envelopes for guest camping fees will be provided at a drop box near the guest registration log. You are responsible for logging your guests in and out. If you have a problem with your cards, there is a walk in gate to the right of the main gate. Park off the road and notify the groundskeeper. There will be a $20 replacement fee for each card lost.

2022 Fall Cornhole Tournament

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Fishing Pictures of the month

This is a new feature for the Tracy Wildlife website. Please send in your Fishing pictures so that we can display your big catch or fun times here. Please email pictures to tracywildlife@gmail.com

Fun Times at the WILDLIFE

Members are sending in pictures of their families having fun at the Wildlife. if you would like to have your family pictures featured here please send them to Tracywildlife@gmail.com