Welcome to Tracy Wildlife Associations webpage.
As you can see we have a new webpage. The old page served its purpose for a long time, but we do need to update and and new features that will offer  more usability and functionality for the members. Feel free to send comments and suggestions. There will be on going updates to add features that will improve this site.

Next Board of Directors Meeting Monday November 4th.

All Members Welcome at Monthly Board of Directors Meeting


2019 Workday weekends:

workday weekends have been completed. 






In order to insure our security and prevent unauthorized access we are conducting an audit of existing key cards. Please send your name, member number and the number on your key cards to: cards@tracywildlife.org or text to: 209-275-2614 the numbers will be on the upper or lower edge as shown.

Front gate access cards:
To enter or exit simply hold the cards flat surface in front of the reader, it’s not necessary to sweep the card or even touch the reader. If all is well you will see an amber light, when you flash your card you will get get a red light and a beep from the reader and then the gate will open. Wait until the gate opens fully before proceeding, after you pass through the gate, stop until it closes automatically. DO NOT STOP IN THE PATH OF THE GATES OR TRY TO FOLLOW ANOTHER VEHICLE!!! If you have guests you must use your card to admit each vehicle separately and register them in the guest log near the bulletin board. Envelopes for guest camping fees will be provided at a drop box near the guest registration log. You are responsible for logging your guests in and out. If you have a problem with your cards, there is a walk in gate to the right of the main gate. Park off the road and notify the groundskeeper. There will be a $5 replacement fee for each card lost.his years 

Fishing Pictures of the month

This is a new feature for the Tracy Wildlife website. Please send in your Fishing pictures so that we can display your big catch or fun times here. Please email pictures to tracywildlife@gmail.com

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